Why you should open a Paint and Sip Studio

Calling all entrepreneurs! Are you in the market for a business that is guaranteed to succeed? If so, you’re in the right place. Eleven short years ago, Catherine and Mark Hover founded the Capital Region’s first Paint and Sip Studio and chose Saratoga Springs’s bustling downtown to locate it in. Soon after, they expanded and opened a location in Latham, NY and in Burlington, VT. At the beginning, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, and it took some time to figure out the best way to run things from choosing vendors to licensing. However, the past decade has allowed the time to learn exactly what worked and what didn’t, meaning the hardest part is already done! In fact, if you decide to join us, we will help you with all the logistics and you’ll be running the show in 2-3 months. So, take the leap, bring Paint and Sip to the location of your choosing, and create your own community of returning guests! If you’re still on the fence, keep reading to find out three reasons why you should open a Paint and Sip Studio.

Dive Bars Just Don’t Cut it for the Youths.

Let’s face it, the newest generation of young adults aren’t interested in sitting in a dank bar on a wobbly stool every weekend. Not to say there isn’t a market for that, but people nowadays want to chill somewhere with instagrammable potential and an overall good vibe. Not only that but why hangout at a place where all you do is drink, when at a Paint and Sip, you have access to a wide selection of beverages AND you get to create something unique to take home! Interactive places like this are far and few between, and people are always looking for somewhere new to go to have a good time with friends. 

The Clientele Range Doesn’t get any Better.

Paint and Sip is the perfect place to host birthday parties for all ages, corporate team-building events, family reunions, fundraisers, you name it! There are no limits to who can attend a class or book a private party meaning all the more business. Kids love it because they can get messy painting, adults love it because they don’t have to clean up after them (and the alcohol part doesn’t hurt), and even grandma can participate! There are really no downsides to it, and even if someone isn’t in love with their creation, it’s the experience that makes the memories. 

Business is booming!

There’s a reason Saratoga Paint and Sip has made it this far and continues to thrive. This kind of business has the potential for so many of your ideas to come to life and we want to help! We survived the pandemic by rolling out ‘Take and Paint Kits’ for people to pick up, and even now that were fully operating again, the kits continue to sell. There is no shortage of great ideas when it comes to this a place like this and since the groundwork has already been laid, all you have to do is watch your dream manifest to reality. So, if you’re ready to make it happen, email us at [email protected] and don’t look back!

Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio

Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio